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Developing Brand Strategies

Stand out the way you want to.

Welcome to our brand page! We’re Roadmap, a brand strategy agency. We help our customers build go-to-market strategies so they can grow their business and we start by setting the foundation with branding.

Your Brand Story Brought to Life

Creatively bringing together what you offer and what you value.

Creating a brand you love starts with establishing a brand strategy that dives into your story, where you came from, where you're going and your relationship with your customer. The brand strategy is the emotional side of why someone does business with you or becomes a loyal employee. Ultimately, it is what sets you apart from your competitors.

This process is for anyone that developed a brand years ago and doesn’t feel like it represents them anymore, or never had the opportunity or time to explore their brand development when they first started. Our branding services are also designed for someone just starting out and who wants a strong foundation right from the get go.

Our brand services include:

  • 01 Brand Foundation Language
  • 02 Tone of Voice
  • 03 Name Development
  • 04 Brand Identity

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01 Brand Foundational Language

We start with you. A workshop atmosphere brings your team together to create a strategic set of brand foundational language that sets the tone for all work to follow. In this setting, we learn about where you’ve been and where you want to go. We reflect on our target audience sets so we learn about what motivates them and how to speak to them. After all, we know people purchase from companies whose values they share.  

02 Tone of Voice

The Brand Foundation must be established before development of Tone of Voice. The Tone of Voice dives deeper, providing brand messaging examples for how to talk to each audience set. It establishes a guide for all contributors to the brand along with bonus elements like a writing guide, so your team can stay consistent throughout all communications, such as emails through to website content development and blogs.

03 Name Development

Naming a business is one of the most important projects we work on. There are many components to developing a name: it needs to reflect your company values and offering while resonating with your audience. In this important phase of brand development we work through three key phases: ideation, concept and rational development, and then research to support the name choice. Our goal is to make this tough choice as easy as possible by compiling key decision-making information into a presentation, supplying nuans searches, and providing a 10-point voting sheet so you can be confident in your decision.

04 Brand Identity

Brand Identity is where your company comes to life visually. We start with logo design and colour studies, before creating a core set of brand elements customized to your needs. All work is encompassed in a brand guideline that typically includes information on logo usage, colour codes, social media applications, stationery, illustration style, fonts, and photography. Along with your brand guide, you’ll have a suite of logos and assets to use for years to come.

brand development consultant

Shannon and Team helped take us from the dark ages with our marketing to a fresh, creative, modern look and a full corporate rebrand. With Shannon’s help, we were able to navigate through all of the challenges and roadblocks easily and efficiently. As a company that hadn’t had much experience with the marketing piece of our business, Shannon and the team were amazing and did a phenomenal job.

Justin Mahendra
Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Questor

Our Brand Development Process In Action

landscaping company marketing strategy
Brand, Website, HubSpot

Explore how this landscaping business expanded its market reach and strengthened existing audience relationships through research, clear brand messaging, updated visuals, and strategic marketing.

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rebranding case study
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Launching BoomBright Media to market! Learn about how we unveiled a new name, brand, website, launch strategy, and CRM, generating $700K in the pipeline within just one week of launch!

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cyber website design
Brand, Website, Hubspot

Learn more about our approach to developing a new Go-To-Market strategy for this team of cybersecurity professionals that has included a freshly designed and developed website with custom spot illustrations, new stationery, and social media presence and digital marketing strategy.

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finance website development
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Learn about how we created a brand strategy for Driver Capital to market to different audience segments with a holistic approach to both sales and marketing efforts.

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Introducing Sky + Table Event Group. Learn how we delivered a strategy, brand, new name, and website to match the evolution of their service offerings.

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Discover more about how we created flexible brand elements and illustrations to support an elevated learning-focused website that provides consistent support and incorporates feedback from users.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your process for brand identity projects?

  • Step 1: We gather an understanding of where your brand has come from to where it is today and your aspirations for the future. 
  • Step 2: After creating a brand foundation or a detailed project brief we start designing two logo options with a range of assets so you can see the brand come to life.
  • Step 3: Delivered package with tidy files and instructions so you can hit the ground running.

How do we get started?

Use the form on the contact page to send a message or use the link here to book a discovery call with our Head of Strategy and Creative Director, Shannon. After we know all the details about your project, we will create a detailed estimate for your review and sign-off that includes an estimated timeline for the project. After a contract is signed, we schedule your project and have a kickoff meeting.

What is the turnaround time for a branding project?

For longer branding projects it is typically a 2-3 month process that requires regular meetings to gather feedback from your team to stay on schedule. We also gather information on any holidays you might have planned and ensure we account for that in our project schedules.

How and when do I pay?

Typically, we charge 50% up front and 50% at the end of the project.

Can we continue working together after the branding project is complete?

Of course! Brand is just one of the core foundational services we provide. We can support your business growth with Websites, Customer Relationship Management and Strategy. All of our services work together to create a comprehensive go-to-market strategy that includes a full-service offering. Learn more about all of Roadmap Agency capabilities here.

What if I no longer require your services or want to hand off design elements to my internal team to execute?

No problem, we supply you with an organized Google Drive folder of all your logos, a digital brand guide and packaged working files for all projects completed.

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