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Behind the Scenes of the 2020 Hewlko Photoshoot

Learn more about updating marketing materials regularly and to keeping things fresh.

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How to Build Relationships and Find a Job

Many students have recently graduated so we thought now would be a perfect time to talk about building relationships and finding jobs.

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Preparing for your Digital Transformation

Now more than ever, all businesses need to “go” digital and transform their organization’s overall experience and processes into digital processes, no matter if they are retail, manufacturing, professional services, or B2C service.

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Ten Things You Need to Know Before You Brand

The visual elements are just one component of building your business.

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Four typical stages of classifying leads

As an organization, you need to create your definition of a qualified lead and continue to refine it based on your sale process needs.

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What to do when you get a bad online review?

Bad reviews are going to happen. We do not live in a world in which everything is five-star or 10 out of 10.

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The First Step in Your Strategic Planning Process

Strategic planning outlines business goals and can identify any barriers so that we can make appropriate recommendations.

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Great Service is Not About Being Perfect, it is About What You Do When Things Fall Apart

As sure as the sun rises you will have a day when your organization did not provide an excellent customer experience.

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Eight Steps to Follow When Communication Crisis Hits

Most of the time a communications crisis starts like this: a phone call, email, SMS or IM out of the blue “Hey, are you aware of this _____?”

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The four stages of the Customer Journey

As I look at the retail and service landscape, I see organizations failing to meet customer expectations. Why?

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