Attract, retain and convert customers with a demand generation ecosystem.

Demand Generation

Want to grow your business? Unsure of where to spend your hard-earned marketing dollars? Is there a disconnect between your sales and marketing teams?

Stop wasting resources. Build a predictable system that unites teams with the metrics required for confident decision-making.

Developing Digital Marketing Strategies

Your Unique Value Proposition and Audience Understanding

Demand generation starts with understanding your customers and how you meet their needs. Establishing customer insights and your unique value proposition establishes the foundation of a marketing strategy.

Revenue Generation is Everyone's Responsibility

Aligning Marketing, Sales and Service Teams

Creating an integrated demand generation plan requires a holistic approach that involves collaboration across all departments within an organization. By ensuring that each department contributes its insights and expertise, we can identify spots where optimization can improve revenue. Demand generation isn’t only about ad campaigns, it’s a culture shift that leads to informed decision-making and predictable business growth.

Our demand generation services include:

  • 01 Brand Strategy + Market Research
  • 02 Sales + Marketing Plans
  • 03 Demand Generation Strategy + Tactics
  • 04 Demand Capture Tactics
  • 05 Outbound (Business Development)
  • 06 Inbound
  • 07 Account Management

Demand Generation: Driven by data

Take the first step to making data driven decisions.

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01 Brand Strategy + Customer Research

An effective demand generation ecosystem starts with your brand strategy, understanding your customers, and the problem you are solving for them. Once you have developed your strategic narrative and unique value proposition you must document the work and align sales and marketing teams so everyone shares a consistent set of messaging.

02 Sales + Marketing Plans

Creating a sales plan ensures the numbers and goals you want to achieve are documented. Once the sales numbers are in place a marketing plan can be developed to ensure your metrics align and a robust system is set for not only generating new leads but also a plan for what to do after the leads come in. From the sales to service hand-off to generating revenue through consistent account management practices.

03 Demand Generation Strategy + Tactics

A lot goes into creating a demand generation strategy and several foundational pieces need to be in place. We start with a campaign strategy that includes a communication plan, key messaging, tactics, and budget. We perform keyword research and build an audience using customer lists and intent data. From there you need a highly functional website that converts through strong landing pages and calls to action. Only then do you invest in things like paid ads, social media, white papers, downloads, quizzes - the list goes on! All tactics drive toward your one key metric. This metric may take time to figure out, you may have to track many numbers to start before you find the golden metric that drives revenue.

04 Demand Capture Tactics

Once we have attracted potential customers to your website, they’re probably not ready to purchase yet or book a meeting. But are interested in learning more about the product or service. Typically, we aim to capture their information, which could look like a follow on social media, newsletter signup, or white paper download. It is also possible to enroll these warm leads into a retargeting campaign so they see different types of messages that trigger them to take that next step!

05 Outbound - Business Development

It’s taken us a lot of work to get to this step and if you’re still reading - great work you’re one step closer to creating your lead-generation system. If you’re just waiting for the warm leads to reach out to you, that can have some success, but the outbound process increases the opportunity for creating more sales by taking the following actions; reviewing intent data and direct outreach, website identification software to understand who is looking at your website, daily prospecting using LinkedIn Sales Navigator, direct messaging and enrolling potential clients into a followup email sequence.

06 Inbound - Long-term Organic

Organic tactics educate both potential and current clients, these tactics are things like podcasts, newsletters, and consistent social media posts that provide value, inform and inspire. Not every potential prospect is ready to take the plunge today, but they might be ready three months from now, so long-term organic inbound tactics ensure you’re top of mind when your “new” customer is ready to go!

07 Account Management

Account management isn’t a service we offer, but we do offer great advice on this point and it is an integral part of any demand generation ecosystem. Many of us focus on getting more leads and new clients, but often there is a lot of untapped revenue in the businesses you are currently serving. Having effective and consistent account management practices in place ensures that current customers are serviced to the best of your ability. And we can help set up effective tools to ensure your account management process is best in class.

We’ve worked with the Roadmap for over three years and have continually improved lead quality and quantity. When we started working with Roadmap we were spending a large investment in Google ads alone. Since then we’ve implemented a CRM (HubSpot), have a full ecosystem of tactics and continually dial-in our sales and marketing teams to maximize our marketing spend. Together, these efforts ensure we have a steady stream of quality customers that keep our operation at full capacity and growing year over year.

Janelle Leary
President & Founder, CLS Landscape Supply

Our Demand Generation Process In Action

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Demand Generation

Demand generation is a holistic marketing strategy focused on creating long-term customer interest and engagement with a brand's products or services. It combines targeted marketing campaigns, content creation, SEO, and social media strategies to attract and nurture qualified leads into loyal customers. This approach goes beyond immediate sales, aiming to build lasting brand loyalty and a strong, sustained market presence.

What is the typical timeline to start seeing results from advertising?

As you can imagine, this varies drastically but our goal is to work with clients who want 2-3x growth. We start with the lowest-hanging fruit to pick off some quick wins while establishing a long-term growth plan. Generally, Google Ads can provide traffic and results quickly along with a solid landing page. However, more comprehensive campaigns to build brand awareness or establish new markets can take several months. On average, only 5% of your available target audience is in-market for your services. So the goal is to capture the 5% while nurturing the remaining 95% so that once they are ready, you’re the one the reach out to.

What makes Roadmap’s demand generation tactics unique?

We leave the cookie cutters in the kitchen. Generating tailored demand generation campaigns involves all hands on deck and we keep marketing, sales, and service teams accountable to the goals and tactics established. When gaps are identified in the process, we provide recommendations and support to achieve your business goals.

How do you ensure the leads generated are qualified?

This is one of the reasons why marketing and sales alignment is so critical. We will review the inbound leads in your CRM as well as collaborate with sales teams to review the quality of the lead. This gives us insight into any potential campaign changes needed, or if there are supports that sales needs to convert the leads generated by marketing.