BoomBright Media

Start-up Launched With A Boom!

BoomBright Media is a startup that is introducing a new era of display signage to the Canadian market. BoomBright brings a curated selection of leading-edge signage products, with a selection of complimentary services such as consultation, installation, AI software, and content and advertising management. Originally named Protek, our work with this startup began with establishing a partnership in February 2023.

BoomBright brand idendity

Our Role

  • Name
  • Brand Identity
  • Launch Strategy
  • Webinar
  • Social Media
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Website
  • HubSpot Implementation + Sales Plan and Processes

The Need

A new name was needed as Protek was generic and didn’t effectively represent what the company was offering. They also needed a brand identity, a launch strategy that included; a webinar, social media, and Google ad campaign, and a website to drive traffic to with a CRM to capture leads.

brand identity design

The Challenge

The challenge was to create a brand that reflects the level of innovative products and services being offered, while setting up highly functional, minimal viable projects, such as a launch campaign and HubSpot CRM to collect and track information and insights. And to do it all on a startup's budget.

brand identity design

The Solution

We allocated one person to develop the majority of creative applications for the brand such as name, brand identity, launch strategy, creative and content writing. We also limited the presentations and amount of branded applications. One person leading the majority of these outputs kept the focus high and set a fast pace to launch. However, Roadmap's robust team was utilized for the specific niche areas of SEO and website development. The site was built with a WordPress template and we set BoomBright up with HubSpot Sales Pro to capture and organize all their leads.

brand identity development

The Results

  1. A minimal viable product for launch that could capture important customer information and insights to be built upon as the company grows. 
  2. BoomBright is the new name that represents the type of impact the company will have on the market. "Boom" represents the expressive technology, and "Bright" represents the strategy and software artificial intelligence capabilities of the brand.
  3. Set up social media platforms and established credibility for the company.
  4. Created effective Google Ad campaigns to gather leads and insights with key metrics for the company - we had two leads within the first week of launching ads!
  5. $700,000 in pipeline volume was created in 1st week after launch.
brand marketing

The Roadmap team kept us focused with weekly meetings that allowed us to progress quickly while still being excited and confident with the decisions we were making for the brand. We are thrilled with the results and once our Google ads started running we saw leads coming in immediately!

Sam MacIsaac
Visual Technology Consultant

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