s01ve Cyber Solutions

A Targeted and Technical Go-To-Market Strategy

s01ve Cyber Solutions offers a full array of front-line cybersecurity services that reduces risk today and protects a business' future. s01ve had been operational for approximately one year but needed to refine and define its offering before launching its product to a broader market.

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Our Role

  • Go-To-Market Strategy
  • Brand
  • Illustrations
  • Website and Custom App Development
  • HubSpot Implementation
  • Social Media
  • Audience Building
  • Demand Capture

The Need

s01ve needed a Go-To-Market Strategy that focused on two key target audiences. One was partnering with Insurance Brokers to ensure businesses have the policies and procedures in place to keep them secure and eligible for cyber insurance. The second audience was direct cyber security services to small and mid-size businesses. They had developed a few assets internally but needed an all-encompassing plan to bring their product to market.

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The Project

  • A go-to-market strategy that included goals, audience personas, customer journeys, marketing tactics, and budget with timelines
  • Brand foundational language & tone of voice
  • Brand identity & illustrations 
  • A website with a custom risk assessment scan tool 
  • HubSpot implementation
  • Social media
  • Google analytics and paid ads
  • Technical search engine optimization
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The Challenge

There were a few challenges with this project;

  • Act quickly on immediate needs like social media and brand awareness through paid ads
  • Develop a go-to-market strategy that incorporates sales and marketing
  • Create a set of foundational tools for the brand to support sales and marketing efforts
  • Implement HubSpot and set up systems and processes to collect information that supports business decisions and growth
  • Copywriting, design and development of a website, custom risk assessment tool, and risk assessment report within a short timeframe
business card graphic design

The custom spot illustrations we developed are inspired by the structures of natural world and their architects. Honeycomb, birds nests, and coral are all organic structures that we've re-interpreted into the brand's digital context.

graphic design elements

The Solution

We set a foundation on social media immediately, one that could grow with them as their brand evolved and addressed immediate needs. Time-effective sales, marketing and brand workshops were run with their team to create a Go-To-Market Strategy and a Brand Foundation with full team inclusion and buy-in. We were able to develop their website, with a custom risk assessment tool that generated a custom report and executed a HubSpot implementation that connected everything within 2 months by running two meetings per week to stay on track.

brand identity layout

The Results

  1. A set of Brand Foundational Language and Brand Identity that acts as the platform to base all design and business decisions from.
  2. A website and risk assessment scan tool to capture leads and allow insurance partners to receive a risk report for their clients.
  3. Ongoing marketing and sales planning to ensure consistency of brand growth.
  4. Custom HubSpot Implementation for tracking all sales and risk assessment tool leads, plus the implementation of tools so everything is in one place for all departments including sales, marketing, and service.

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