Whitecap Resources Inc.

A Responsible Energy Story

Whitecap is an oil-weighted growth company that pays a monthly cash dividend to its shareholders while being recognized for storing more CO2 annually than they emit corporately. 

Whitecap operates the world’s largest underground geological CO2 sequestration project — the Weyburn Unit. This project is a huge success story for the company, and the community it operates within, but this story wasn’t being told.

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Our Role

  • Content Direction
  • Illustration
  • Layout Design

The Need

In 2019, we began supporting them to amplify the benefits of the Weyburn Unit, illustrate how it works, and tell the story of the project in a way that is relatable to everyday life. This story needed to be adaptable to a variety of platforms.

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The Project

  • Content Direction
  • Illustration
  • Website Layout
  • PowerPoint Layout
  • Sustainability Reports (2018-2021)
  • Word Templates
  • Brochures
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The Challenge

To create educational communications that appeal to a broad audience and reflect the innovative techniques, practices, and results that Whitecap has achieved to transform the way we speak about the oil and gas industry.

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The Solution

Tell a responsible energy story by showcasing how the Weyburn Unit minimally impacts the environment, sustains generations of families with jobs, and contributes to the Saskatchewan economy— all while providing value to shareholders. This story was told using friendly illustrations with a bright colour pallet and highly relatable, bite-sized comparisons. This along with other stories live in multiple communications such as their website, sustainability reports, press releases, presentations, and more.

Illustrations of the Whitecap Operations Management System

The Results

  1. A story told in a factual and friendly way that shows the positive human benefits while positioning Whitecap as an industry leader that cares about the environment and the communities in which it operates. 
  2. We continue to help tell their stories in their reporting initiative, the 2018 Corporate Sustainability Report2020 Environmental, Social and Governance Report and 2021 Environmental, Social and Governance Report

I always look forward to a call with Tori or Shannon because it is always such a positive, creative, and can-do experience. They're flexible, creative, brand sensitive, and cost-effective. Timely too. Thanks for making me look good.

Mike Nerbas
Whitecap Resources Inc.

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