Relational Care Knowledge Hub

Culture Change In Continuing Care

The Relational Care Knowledge Hub was created to provide leadership and support for continuing care organisations through research, education, and promotion of culture change best practices. The pilot model of one of their programs was successful, but to expand their impact and ensure culture change within more continuing care centres they needed an elevated professional look and a comprehensive learning-focused website that incorporated feedback from users for continuous improvement and data gathering.

Our Role

  • Branding
  • Video and Photo Shoot Coordination and Support
  • PowerPoint Deck Design
  • Illustrations and Animations
  • Website and Development

The Need

The Relational Care Knowledge Hub had a vision for a program called the Feasible and Sustainable Cultural Change Initiative Model, (FASCCI) that improved the quality of life by providing hands-on, applied resources for entire care teams in the continuing care sector, delivered through ten video modules and accompanying slides. The second component of the program was Research and Innovations which focuses on creating new knowledge associated with best practices in person-centered, relational care. 

What was needed was a brand that reflected the key attributes and considered its audience sets, and a website to implement the program with questionnaires and surveys. Plus a research and innovation database.

The Project

  • Brand Foundational Language
  • Brand Identity & Illustration
  • PowerPoint Presentation and Animations
  • Videography and Photography Shoot
  • Website Development

The Challenge

To create a flexible brand architecture that could grow into the future within shortened timelines. A secondary challenge was to find technology for the website that was flexible enough to incorporate consistent feedback from participants in the program for continual improvement.

The brand assets we developed included adaptable elements for the PowerPoint layouts, website, and training module videos.

The Solution

We created a condensed version of the Brand Foundational Language and Identity to ensure we had enough understanding of the brand and Brand Architecture to build a solid base, but not develop tools, like a stationery package that we wouldn’t use for this specific project. Instead, we focused on creating a simplified brand presentation that showed specific elements that we would use in the PowerPoint Layouts and Website. The bulk of the upfront work on the website was research on various learning platforms to ensure we again had a strong base to build from.

The Results

  1. A set of Brand Foundational Language and Brand Identity that was a perfect package for the scope of work we required, but flexible enough to be added to down the line.
  2. A unique and attractive set of creative assets, including photos, videos, animations, and illustrations that reflected the brand. 
  3. A learning-focused website that collected information from its users to be able to evolve and grow its programs.

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