Driver Capital

Merging Business and Marketing Strategies

Driver Capital provides auto dealerships and service centres a financing product they can use to generate additional sales for their business. They had tested their business model over a two-year period and needed a strategic approach to take its operations to the next level.

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Our Role

  • Strategy
  • Market Research
  • CRM Implementation
  • Account Management
  • Creative
  • Sales Processes and Planning
  • Tech Stack Integration

The Need

Driver Capital needed a clear, united voice and brand package that would bring consistency throughout a wide range of sales and marketing tools. This initial step would allow them to scale up their operations effectively, improve customer experience, sales process and develop and maintain company culture as they grew.

The Project

  • Strategic Direction
  • Market Research & Brand Strategy
  • Brand Foundational Language & Tone of Voice
  • Brand Identity & Illustration
  • Marketing Plan & Budget
  • Sales Plan Summary
  • Business Process Mapping
  • Website Development
  • Sales Tools
  • Email Marketing
  • Google Analytics and Paid Ads
  • Search Engine Optimization
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The Challenge

Driver Capital needed a brand that effectively marketed to different audience segments through a holistic approach to both sales and marketing tactics. Systems had to be set up to collect the right data on various tactics to best understand how to evolve and scale.

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The Solution

We created a strategy that included business goals and objectives, competitive analysis and conducted a series of internal and external interviews with sales and service teams and existing customers to understand their current landscape. From there, we defined target audience sets and provided a set of prioritized next stages of the project. We worked with Driver Capital to create a set of brand foundational language and a marketing and sales plan before beginning a 9-month contract to execute tactics to help them reach their overall business goals. We also included a strategy session towards the end of 8-months to review what we’ve learned and stay on pace with the evolving market.

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The Results

  1. A brand identity that has a clear and united voice, while building trust through clarity and consistency.
  2. Full set of professional tools to market to their core audience sets and align internal teams.
  3. Measured marketing tactics that allow for educated decisions on which ones are most effective to scale with moving forward.
  4. Integrated company platform which involved CRM, website, web application tools and proprietary finance software.
  5. Service centre communication and support system, keeping them up to date on the latest information and access to the latest marketing support pieces and tools.

The team at Roadmap has helped level up our organization by creating a brand identity and a roadmap for growing our business. We chose them because they do more than just marketing. Having the support with business strategy along with the marketing made it an ideal fit for us. We would 10/10 recommend Roadmap!

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