Covello Financial Group

Sales and Operation Process Needed

Covello Financial Group has been rapidly expanding their client base and growing their sales team. However, with all the new business, they struggled to manage all the opportunities in their pipeline and the delivery support required when they landed the deals.

hubspot implementation

Our Role

  • Discovery
  • Implementation of HubSpot Sales Professional
  • Implementation of HubSpot Service Professional
  • Business Process Mapping
  • Onboarding and training of Sales and Operations team in HubSpot System

The Need

To create a unified process that would address incoming leads, manage the deal pipeline, help the sales team gain visibility into the status of their operational processes and manage follow-up activities.

The Project

  • Unify All Customer Information 
  • Manage Business Development 
  • Manage Operations with Onboarding of Clients 
  • Document Business Activities 
  • Automation 

The Challenge

Meeting increased sales demand would require automated customer onboarding and account management. Currently, the manual systems required extra communication to provide the desired customer experience. The sales process also involved a mid-way operation hand-off for creating a detailed proposal package that involved client participation, and, when complete, was then returned to sales for presentation. Without transparency into the sales account, managers were unaware of the deal status and were forced to contact operations for more information. Account managers were then left in the dark when clients contacted them wondering when the next step would occur.

The Solution


We helped Covello create a single source of truth for all interactions with their customers. To do this, we mapped the entire business process and created a sales funnel in HubSpot Sales Professional to manage deals that were advanced to the stage in which operations needed to gather information to create a custom quote. Additionally, the account manager was identified if the deal was stalling to support Operations in acquiring the needed information. Lastly, to close the loop task automation occurred again to sales when the quote was ready to present to the client. 


Once the customer signed, a new process flow in Service Hub was initiated, triggering tasks for operations to complete with onboarding and ongoing account management. With their new solution, activities could be captured on the customer record with complete account transparency.

The Results

1. Current sales growth increase 110% year over year. 

2. Sales team grew to include 2 more sales individuals in Manitoba, 1 in Saskatchewan and 1 in British Columbia. 

3. Increased customer satisfaction with an automated sales process and improved customer journey. 

4. Stable operation costs that do not need to add head count as the business scales. 

Roadmap has transformed our business through automating our business processes and allowing us to manage our growth. The HubSpot solution provided allows us to scale at ease. The Roadmap team mapped and simplified our processes. They provided sales and operation solutions integrating our sales and onboarding processes. We left Pipedrive and haven't looked back!

Michael S.
Covello Financial Group Inc.

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