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Digitalization of Business Processes

Capstone manages consulting needs for hundreds of clients using hundreds of consulting resources to meet their client's diverse needs. With growth and increased complexity of contract management, they required one system of record access for all their business processes.

Our Role

  • Process Mapping
  • HubSpot Marketing Hub Pro
  • HubSpot Sales Hub Pro
  • HubSpot Service Hub Pro
  • HubSpot Training

The Need

To create a single source of truth that manages communication with clients, and internal team members skills and capacity. Enabling their sales and contract fulfillment pipeline to easily match the needs of clients and prospects with the right, available people.

The Project

  • Discovery
  • Business Process Mapping
  • HubSpot Marketing Professional, Sales Professional, and Service Professional implementation
  • HubSpot Training
  • Ongoing support
  • Phase II consultation

The Challenge

Creating a clean solution for a complicated workflow. One that could manage hundreds of contracts, update their fulfillment stages, find hundreds of resources to be properly matched to contracts, juggle countless new business opportunities, and manage capacity planning for the team. All in one system that acts as a single source of truth.

The Solution

Through careful contact categorization, custom reports, automated workflows, and pipelines Capstone is now able to easily match the right resources to a project with an appropriate timeline, manage ongoing work, and keep track of prospective business.  By automating the complicated work and carefully aligning data with established processes, we were able to help them create a system to simplify and improve their business operations.

The Results

  1. Quick access to contract and deal reports
  2. A single source of truth for contract communications and assigned contractors
  3. A single location to track project stages
  4. Simplified information gathering for documentation
  5. Ability to see contractor availability at a glance
  6. Simplified contractor vetting and onboarding

We have weekly meetings that keep everything on track and things get done in a timely manner, which was something we were lacking before working with Shannon and her great team. We have been thrilled with our results and feel we have received exceptional value.

Janelle Leary
CEO, CLS Landscape

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