Redwood Infrastructure

Creating Strong Brands in Telecommunications

Redwood Infrastructure builds and expands networks from coast to coast. Learn how we helped them create a brand strategy to launch their company.

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Our Role

  • Brand Strategy
  • Name
  • Brand Identity
  • Website
  • Launch Support

The Need

A private equity group we worked with back in 2018 needed a brand and name for its recent acquisition of over 150 communication towers across Canada. Along with these towers, the organization planned to build new infrastructure, including additional towers and fiber lines.

Redwood Tagline beside an image of people talking

The Challenge

The private equity group needed support to capture the company's vision and develop a solid strategy for key brand decisions, including the name and identity elements.

The Solution

We conducted a brand workshop with key decision-makers to create a brand strategy that included the following: business overview, goals, services and benefits, values, and audience personas.

The brand strategy allowed us to select a name that reflects the brand's qualities of strength, trust, and reliability. The company, named after the Redwood tree species, symbolizes the tall, strong, and stable nature of these trees.

Redwood sub logos and colours

The brand elements work together to enhance the attributes defined in the strategy document. The wordmark is strong and well-balanced, providing a grounded and approachable tone. The icon above the 'd' forms an arrow, reflecting upward movement and growth.

Redwood Slide Deck

Along with key brand elements, we created a robust set of tools for the company, including a slide deck for the sales team, social media assets, a stationery set, and photography and iconography. We also developed a website with an integrated, easy-to-update asset map and launch plan.

The Results

  1. Brand Strategy: This document served as our guide for selecting thoughtful brand elements such as the name, fonts, colors, and imagery.
  2. Name: The company name was easily selected thanks to a clear brand strategy and a transparent selection process.
  3. Brand Identity + Guide: A visual identity that beautifully represents the organization, accompanied by a brand guide detailing logo usage, photography, illustration style, fonts, stationery, and slide deck.
  4. Website: An easy-to-navigate WordPress website that highlights the organization's assets, complete with training videos for making updates to the site.

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