Valley Fiber

A Customer-First Approach to Digital Transformation

Valley Fiber is a Manitoba-owned and operated technology firm that provides fast, high quality internet services to under-served rural communities, along with exceptional customer service. 

Our Role

  • Customer Research and Strategic Brief
  • Ideal Client Profiles and Customer Personas
  • Brand Foundational Language
  • Website
  • Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • Print Marketing Campaigns

The Need

Valley Fiber had ambitious goals to bring high speed internet to rural Manitobans and improve the quality of life in rural communities. Their plans included expanding services in existing markets, as well as introducing fiber optic internet to new areas. But they lacked formal go-to-market strategies and needed to refine their tactics for entrance into new marketplaces. They needed to drive timely brand awareness and customer acquisition, and also manage expectations of the construction timelines of their fiber optic lines.

The Challenge

Valley Fiber did not have clarity on what was working for marketing efforts or driving customer acquisition. They faced tough competition from the national internet providers, and often needed to educate potential customers on the value proposition of their fiber internet services. Valley Fiber desired to have a deeper understanding of their customers’ needs and what was driving decision-making around internet providers, so they could speak to their customers in a more meaningful way. They needed a strategic plan to reach new communities and tactics to drive demand and signups for their services.

The Solution

Our approach began with a desire to understand the unique needs of Valley Fiber’s customers. We conducted customer research through digital surveys aimed at both past and present customers, alongside in-depth interviews with key stakeholders. Our objective was to gain insights into what customers truly seek from an internet service provider, unravel the decision-making process behind their purchases, identify the most effective marketing strategies and channels, and delve into customer service experiences.

From the insights gathered, we crafted detailed ideal client profiles and customer personas, laying the foundation for a strategic brief. This brief acted as a roadmap that highlighted the critical findings from our research and offered strategic recommendations for Valley Fiber, such as defining their value proposition, fine-tuning pricing strategies, and pinpointing marketing essentials such as enhancing their website, bridging customer service gaps, and reinforcing their brand identity.

An important insight we discovered was the confusion some customers felt about Valley Fiber and its associated brands. To address this, we developed a brand architecture, establishing clear relationships between the brands and their positioning to each other. We created a set of key messages that spoke directly to each audience sets’ distinct needs.

Acting on the strategic brief's recommendations, Valley Fiber engaged us to create a best in class website that was both user-friendly and rich in information. Recognizing the growing preference for online sign-ups, we prioritized simplicity in the new online process. We leveraged WordPress for its flexibility and ease of use, allowing us to design a website that not only looked great but was structured to convert visitors into customers effortlessly. The website features pages for each core service and a streamlined sign-up process designed with customer ease in mind.

Our collaboration with Valley Fiber didn't stop there. We've been actively involved in digital marketing and print marketing campaigns aimed at communities where Valley Fiber's fiber optic infrastructure is being introduced. Our goals were twofold: to boost internet service sign-ups in these areas and to elevate Valley Fiber's brand recognition. Through detailed campaign planning, creative design, and copywriting, coupled with continuous optimization, we're driving meaningful results and contributing to Valley Fiber's success.

The Results

  1. Strategic Brief: This document acts as a guide for future go-to-market efforts, summarizing the key insights taken from the customer research, including the creation of ideal client profiles and customer personas, and providing strategic recommendations for their brand, customer service and future sales and marketing efforts.
  2. Brand Foundational Language: This document provides Valley Fiber with a brand architecture to help them navigate the various brands within their organization. It also contains a messaging guide for internal teams to produce consistent copywriting, including message samples, common language around their value proposition and a writing style guide.
  3. Website: A custom-designed and customer-focused WordPress website that is easy to navigate, showcases all of Valley Fiber’s service offerings, and is optimized to take customers through an easy signup process.
  4. Digital Marketing Campaigns: Set-up and management of Google and social media digital advertising campaigns to drive demand generation for internet services in targeted communities, and ultimately leading customers to sign up with Valley Fiber online. 
  5. Print Marketing Campaigns: Design and management of direct mail pieces and newspaper advertising, to support the digital efforts and drive brand awareness and demand for internet services in targeted communities, with the goal to facilitate the customer journey and lead to online signups on the new website.

We worked with Jennifer and the Roadmap team on a recent project. Jennifer was great at communicating all aspects of the project oversight. The service from the team and the quality of the work was excellent.

Trevor Buhnai
Vice President, Sales and Marketing

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