Expanding Program Access to Canadian Refugees with HubSpot Automation

Kinbrace is a non-profit organization that provides housing, orientation, accompaniment, and education to people in Canada's refugee protection system. Staffed with some of the kindest people you’ll meet, they offer information sessions called Ready Tours to better reach refugee claimants, connecting them with information and resources to guide them in their journey to gaining refugee status.

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Our Role

  • HubSpot Implementation & Website Integration
  • HubSpot Custom Development
  • Email Automation
  • Systems & Process Audit
  • Process Flow Mapping
  • Creating SOPs and Training Resources
  • Surveys
  • Reports

The Need

Previously, enrollment in Ready Tours was managed manually with registration confirmations, reminders and the event link sent individually to each person enrolled. For Kinbrace to expand their reach, they needed ways to automate repetitive communication and tasks. They needed to provide clear communication regarding the Ready Tours while navigating potential accessibility barriers including claimants speaking various languages and limited access to technology.

The Challenge

Refugee claimants in Canada face numerous challenges, including language barriers, cultural adjustments, and navigating complex legal processes. Kinbrace recognized the need for streamlined support systems to assist claimants throughout their journey to gaining refugee status. Central to this support is ensuring claimants have the crucial information they need for their legal proceedings. The manual management of the registrations was hindering the program’s growth, and while automation was needed, the Kinbrace team wanted to ensure they kept a personal relationship with refugees who are navigating the uncertainties of the legal and political system. Many aspects of this project required deep knowledge of HubSpot automation and creative solutions regarding the use of custom objects, API integrations and workflows. Additionally, as Kinbrace does not host the Ready Tours, we devised a custom approach to share meeting links and calendar invites with attendees.

HubSpot Automation Event Attendance

The Solution

To address the challenges faced by Kinbrace in expanding the accessibility of Ready Tours for refugee claimants in Canada, we implemented a comprehensive solution leveraging HubSpot's automation capabilities:

HubSpot Implementation & Website Integration: We integrated HubSpot with the Kinbrace website to streamline the enrollment process for Ready Tours. Custom Objects were created to house information in HubSpot and custom-coded actions were developed to bring in the needed data. We also used, enabling us to send calendar invites to those who registered.

Enhanced Accessibility and User Experience: Segmentation was built to provide communication starting with English and French, however a baseline was built to expand into additional languages as the program grows. Within the emails, we were able to use personalization features so that each recipient would see the time and date of the Ready Tour in their language and timezone. Internal notifications are triggered when a new registrant requires an interpreter to attend the event, prompting the Kinbrace team to reach out and connect them with an interpreter.

End-to-End Automation for Enrollment: We developed an end-to-end automation system to enroll refugee claimants into Ready Tours efficiently. This involved automating the registration emails, sending event reminders, and providing access links seamlessly, reducing manual effort and improving engagement.

Surveys for Program Improvement: Once the Ready Tour is complete and attendance is taken, surveys are automatically sent to attendees to gather participant feedback. These surveys helped Kinbrace gather insights into the effectiveness of Ready Tours and identify areas for improvement based on participant feedback.

Centralized Communication with Claimants and Service Providers: HubSpot's ability to store communication with refugee claimants and service providers enables the Kinbrace team to have visibility and collaborate on conversations. Ensuring communication gateways are open and program delivery is not delayed, even when staff are on holiday, etc.

Reports to Measure Impact: Utilizing HubSpot's reporting capabilities, Roadmap generated comprehensive reports to measure the impact of the Ready Tours, empowering refugee claimants to feel informed, connected, and prepared. These reports provided valuable data on attendance rates, participant demographics, and feedback trends, enabling Kinbrace to assess the effectiveness of their programs and make data-driven decisions for future improvements, including expanding available language options.

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The Results

Within 6 months:

  1. 1200 Registrations automatically managed
  2. 1100 Refugees reached
  3. 3500 Automated emails sent with an 87% open rate
  4. Approximately 583 effort hours saved
  5. Increase in Ready Tour attendance rates
  6. Reports were created, providing insights into the program's impact, including registrations, attendance rates, and languages interpreted
  7. A framework was established to expand the program into additional languages as the program grows

Working with Roadmap has been a remarkable experience. Their careful listening, clear communication, and responsive action made a significant impact on our project. Their solidarity with forcibly displaced individuals is evident in their approach, and their expertise brought much-needed solutions to the urgent needs of refugee claimants. We are grateful for their clear steps and willingness to problem solve at every turn, and we couldn't imagine going back to the days before Roadmap implemented HubSpot.

Loren Balisky
Director of Engagement

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