Canadian Association of Agri-Retailers (CAAR)

Revitalizing An Agri-Retailer Membership Organization

CAAR is a membership group for Canadian agri-retailers, serving as their united voice to drive policy changes that benefit ag retailers across Canada.

  • Competitive Landscape Research
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Strategic Brief
  • Brand Foundational Language
  • Tone of Voice
  • Brand Identity
  • Website
  • CRM Setup
  • Google Analytics Setup

The Need

The Canadian Association of Agri-Retailers was at a crossroads, they had completed many stakeholder interviews and had ton of customer data, but had not yet utilized this information to make changes. They needed validation of past recommendations, board buy-in, and a strategy to keep the organization relevant into the future.

Before and after images of the CAAR logo

The Challenge

After reviewing past research and conducting interviews with the board, there was an overall frustration over the lack of action CAAR had taken over the years. It was becoming difficult for the membership group to see value in being a member and CAAR needed to make big changes to evolve and stay relevant in the eyes of its membership group.

The Solution

We compiled past and current research into a strategic brief that clearly outlined the path forward in order of priority and impact for the organization and its membership group. Included in the strategy were defined audience personas and key messaging that set us up for the next stage.

Image of two people looking at plants with the tagline: empowering an industry

With the CAAR team and board members, we conducted a Brand Foundation Workshop to help us uncover their unique set of foundational language and tone of voice to ensure consistency with messaging. From there we crafted a new brand identity and tagline that positioned them for growth.

The CAAR logos on coloured backgrounds

To ensure seamless membership growth, we supported their adaptation of their CRM, Member 365, and connected this platform to their newly designed website. Member 365 included a member login and e-commerce platform integration. We conducted a website workshop to create a user-friendly navigation system with clear calls to action on each page. We also set up Google Analytics to track performance. For all components of the project we supplied training and how-to videos for an easy transition and education for new contributors.

The CAAR Website

The Results

  1. Strategy: This document provided overall sentiments that supported the brand refresh as well as phased steps for organizational change and marketing efforts. 
  2. Brand Foundation + Tone of Voice: The Brand Foundation Workshop set the platform for new messaging and identity as well as fostered shared ownership from contributors.
  3. Brand Identity + Guide: We delivered a visual identity that represents the future for the organization with a detailed brand guide that includes logo usage, fonts, colours, stationery, photography, and illustration style.
  4. Website: An easy-to-navigate WordPress website with integrations to CRM
  5. CRM Member 365: Supported the priority setup and adoption of Member 365.
  6. Google Analytics: Set up of a Google Analytics account to ensure tracking and monitoring of the site's performance.

The entire Roadmap team has been exceptional from the beginning to the end of our brand, CRM implementation, and website project. I am beyond grateful for their hard work and excellent communication throughout. They responded to any snags, concerns, or questions the CAAR team had in a timely manner and often went above and beyond. I will be singing praises when I refer Roadmap to anyone going forward.

Nikeisha Paul-Hunnigha
Marketing, Communications & Event Manager

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