Sales and marketing team working together.
May 27, 2024 | Written by Steve Whittington

Why You Need to Embrace RevOps

The reason sales and marketing often don't work well together is that they aren't actually working together!

  • They are not in each other's meetings.
  • Marketing doesn't sit in on sales calls.
  • Sales doesn't understand the marketing media mix or see value in activities.
  • Marketing can not attribute the value of activities to sales. 
  • They both need to spend more time and effort truly understanding the customer and creating a market message clearly stating the problem being solved or the unique value the product brings.

Guess what: there is a term for getting these teams to work together. It is called RevOps.

Understanding RevOps

RevOps, short for Revenue Operations, is the practice of bringing sales, marketing, and customer service together to drive revenue growth for a business. By aligning these teams, organizations ensure that everyone works towards the same goals and provides managerial stakeholders with a complete view of revenue streams.

The Goal of RevOps

  • Unified Goal Setting: Aligning sales and marketing to work towards common objectives, specifically metrics that drive revenue, such as meetings booked or quote requests.
  • Enhanced Customer Understanding: Ensuring both teams understand the customer deeply and know the pain points.
  • Consistent Messaging: Creating and using unified messaging across all touchpoints.
  • Continuous Feedback Loop: Facilitating regular feedback between sales and marketing.

The Conflict Between Sales and Marketing

Why are they not together?

  • Lack of Customer Understanding: Both teams often lack a deep understanding of the customer, but think they know what the customer needs or the messaging that resonates with the customer.
  • Different Objectives: Sales and marketing often have separate goals and metrics.
  • Communication Gaps: Simply put, not communicating enough or sharing insights for each team’s activities for everyone to improve.
  • Siloed Operations: Operating in silos prevents a cohesive strategy and execution.
  • Not Wanting to Change or Take Input: Too often, leaders want other leaders to stay in their lane. Or worse, they are not receptive to feedback. This represses growth and continuous improvement.

Bridging the Gap

How do we make this happen?

  • Unified Teams: Sales and marketing need to act as one team.
  • Collaborative Meetings: Both teams should attend each other's meetings to understand goals and strategies.
  • Customer Interaction: Marketing should sit in on sales calls to hear customer feedback firsthand.
  • Continuous Improvement: Regularly review results and adjust strategies based on feedback.


Bringing sales and marketing together under the umbrella of RevOps is essential to drive revenue growth and achieve a cohesive customer strategy. The traditional silos that separate these teams hinder effective communication, mutual understanding, and the ability to craft compelling, unified messaging. By embracing RevOps, organizations can:

  • Foster a culture of collaboration where sales and marketing work as a unified team.
  • Ensure both teams deeply understand the customer and tailor their strategies to address real pain points.
  • Create consistent messaging that resonates across all touchpoints.
  • Establish a continuous feedback loop that allows for ongoing improvement and adaptation.

Ultimately, the success of RevOps hinges on the willingness of both teams to break down barriers, engage in each other's processes, and commit to a shared vision. By doing so, businesses can unlock new levels of efficiency, customer satisfaction, and revenue growth. It's not just about working together; it's about thriving together.

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