May 28, 2024 | Written by Steve Whittington

May 2024 Round-Up: Do You Lack an Effective Market Message Fit?

Discover how to enhance your sales and marketing strategies.

As an organization, you are in one of these four states with your sales and marketing. 

  1. You are not getting enough leads, and you don’t know how to get more leads. 
  2. You know how to generate leads but can’t consistently manage the lead volume and convert them to sales
  3. You can generate and close leads but do not have the time and horsepower to scale for more.
  4. You have the time and are putting in the effort, but you are not generating or closing enough to reach your goals.

If you are in category one or four, you lack effective market message fit.

Simply put, you don’t know how to effectively tell your customers the problem you solve for them in a compelling way that makes them feel foolish not to buy from you.

Often, companies can tell people what they do or sell but do not explain why what they do is important (what is the problem they solve for their customers.)

If you are in category two or three, you lack a process for your sales organization.

Simply put, you do not have a clearly documented sales process supported by a sales tech stack that allows you to add force to your process and remove friction. 

Often, companies are using disconnected tools or poorly implemented tools, or they are not doing the work they should to get the sales at scale.

 For instance, preparing for a meeting takes research.

  • I Google the prospect
  • Review their website
  • Try to find their customers
  • Look at reviews
  • Review their LinkedIn: look at their experience and if we have common connections
  • Profile them with Humanic AI
  • Review their other social accounts for potential common interests
  • Set an agenda for the call

This is all just part of the sales process supported by a CRM with playbooks and integrated tech to make this easier for Roadmap to do. Our sales call recap is done by AI, ensuring the step occurs and saves us time.

This improves our process and speed, improves our close rate, and allows us to scale (do more in less time).

 By the way, at Roadmap, we were in category three in 2023, so:

  • We added AI to our process
  • Supported all our sellers with enhanced process (Playbooks, Sequences, Templates)
  • Training, training, training!
  • Product standardization
  • Resourced Lead Gen (Budget and People)

Now in 2024, we have added a dedicated BD resource as we have proven scale.

Which category do you fall in?  

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Maximize Impact with a Strong Strategic Narrative

Do you have an established Strategic Narrative? For Roadmap it's: Go-to-market is an ongoing foundational function of your business, and all marketing, sales, CX tactics, and operations need to fit within your GTM function and be unified. What does this really mean? 

Aligning your projects with your business strategy ensures they drive strategic results. In this video, Steve explains how defining your unique value proposition and maintaining a strategic focus can transform your go-to-market approach. Discover how this cohesive strategy can enhance your communications, boost efficiency, and ultimately drive business success.

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