October 27, 2022 |

Webinar: Creating a Go-To-Market Strategy

A go-to-market strategy is an ongoing foundational function of your business. It’s a roadmap that measures the viability and success of your business, and it based on market research, customer understanding, and competitive data.

The modern GTM can be an iterative and transformational process for your business, and needs to be ongoing, repeatable and scalable. All of your marketing, sales and customer experience operations need to fit within your GTM function together.

Why do you need a go-to-market strategy?

  • Mitigate mistakes and oversights by providing a plan 
  • Identify the right product-market fit
  • Connect with the right audience
  • And much more.  

A successful go-to-market strategy has many components that touch on areas such as customer understanding, building awareness, customer acquisition and customer expansion. The key takeaway is that all of these areas are working together to drive your GTM strategy, and ultimately, to inform the direction of your business.

Ready to learn more? Watch our latest webinar with Roadmap President Steve and download his slide deck to learn how to build the foundation for a successful go-to-market strategy and how this can help you strengthen your business. 

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