January 26, 2024 | Written by Jennifer Thompson

January 2024 Round-Up: The Importance of Refining Your Strategy

This Round Up is all about demand generation and why you need to continually optimize your business strategy.

As we shift gears back into more of a routine after the holidays, it's tempting to think a new year demands entirely new goals. However, at Roadmap, we advocate for a more strategic approach. While it's crucial to set fresh objectives for the year ahead, success lies in continually refining and recalibrating your existing strategies, especially in demand generation. It's also a great time to take stock of your processes and operations to see where you can streamline.

Headlights on Demand Generation

Demand generation is about harnessing digital momentum to create a gravitational pull towards your brand. It's not just about nudging prospects in the right direction; it's about crafting a compelling digital journey that becomes a beacon, guiding them to you. At the heart of this strategy lies a deep understanding of customer behaviour, leveraging tools like analytics and AI to anticipate needs and tailor experiences that resonate deeply. It is about creating an Ecosystem for your brand.
Demand generation, for us, is an art form. It's about blending technology with human insight to create campaigns that don't just reach an audience but engage them on a personal level. This approach transforms passive viewers into active participants in your brand story. Every email, social post, or ad is a chapter in a larger narrative where your audience is not just a spectator but a co-creator of the experience.
This year, we encourage you to shift your focus from reinventing the wheel to optimizing it. Regularly reviewing and updating your business goals and plans — and confirming your actions are still in line with them — ensures they stay dynamic and relevant. At Roadmap, we're here to support and streamline the process of navigating the ever-evolving digital landscape, helping you adapt and thrive.
Let’s drive forward with purpose and precision in 2024!

Is your CRM overdue for a check-up?

Do a quick run-through of our checklist to shape up your CRM and start your year on track.

  • Daily Contact Updates: Ensure your contact info is current. Outdated emails or phone numbers lead to missed opportunities.
  • Seasonal Data Purge: Delete duplicates, correct errors, and archive outdated entries.
  • Quarterly Workflow Audit: Review your processes. Are there bottlenecks? Streamline and optimize to save time and boost efficiency.
  • Ongoing Software Updates: Check for CRM updates. New features and security patches await.

Regular CRM maintenance ensures you keep your CRM in top-notch condition and your business running smoothly! 

New Roadmap Products Announcement!

Termly: All-in-One Compliance Solution for Small Businesses

Need compliance solutions but don’t want to spend thousands in legal fees? Termly’s compliance suite can help you stay up-to-date and compliant with privacy laws like the GDPR, CCPA, PIPEDA, ePrivacy Regulation, and more.

With the increasing changes unfolding, static terms and conditions on your website will not work anymore.  To support our clients, we have become partners of the legal software as a service called Termly

Our service includes setup and annual reviews to ensure ongoing compliance. 

  • One-time set-up fee:  $500 CAD
  • Termly annual fee: $250 CAD
  • Annual review and updates: $300 CAD

Implementing AI  in your Organization: New Workshop 

In 2023, organizations learned about the potential of AI. In 2024, those who harness AI for efficiency and scale will become the leaders in their market segments. 

Our team has gained certifications in AI to support adaptation in our organization and our clients, and we're offering a workshop and starter setup to uncover the potential in your organization.  

This workshop includes:

  • Facilitation of the Problem and Use Case Model
  • Using the problem-based model, identify known pain points or a challenge that may be solved more efficiently and at scale with AI.
  • Determining quick-win pilot projects with narrowly defined use cases and high probabilities of success
  • Set up of your Brand GPT
  • Vendor selection support matched to Problem and Use Case outcome analysis 
  • Team training and creation of two sample SOPs

Investment: $3500 

How can AI support your business? Give us a call to discuss, or watch our latest webinar on how to use AI in your business. 

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