November 15, 2022 | Written by Steve Whittington

How To Build An Ad Campaign

A request we often get from clients is: "We need to run some ads." What they're really saying is "we need some leads" or "we need to build awareness in the marketplace to support our outbound sales process."

And that is the first thing you need to create an effective ad campaign: an objective. This objective, of course, assumes you have some of the fundamentals of deep customer understanding.

Let's start there, with customer research and understanding. You must know your targeted audience - whether your objective is to generate leads or to build awareness, you need to resonate with your buyer. An excellent tool for B2B organizations is a buyer's value matrix that lines up the problem your product or service solves (and the job to be done) with messaging that resonates with that buyer.

Second, you need to know your buyer's watering holes (where they hang out to seek solutions). This information will inform the media you will use and how you target. Once you have these foundations in place, what are the next steps?

  • Determine your ad budget
  • Create visuals (graphics, videos)
  • Select the media and channels to target your customers
  • Set up ad tracking (in your marketing and sales platforms)
  • Schedule and execute
  • Measure and iterate

The key to success will always fall on these characteristics being in place:

  1. A message that resonates with the right buyer
  2. Providing education and creating trust
  3. Effective call to action (what do you want your buyer to do? Book a meeting? Fill out a form?)
  4. Effective landing pages to capture the leads or direct the action you ask for
  5. Easy to consume messaging (short and sweet)
  6. Memorable creative

Lastly, for any ad campaign to succeed, there must be alignment with the sales team so they can support the results and, ultimately, marketing and sales work towards increasing pipeline volume instead of just capturing attention and unqualified leads.

Our digital specialists can help you with customer research and creating effective campaigns, let us know how we can help.

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