November 10, 2022 | Written by Steve Whittington

What We Learned From Our Virtual Customer Council

Roadmap recently held a virtual customer council with six of our key clients to help us better understand what we’re doing well and areas we need to improve in. A customer council is a group made up of a business’ top customers that meets at least once a year to allow the business to gain deep customer insights.

Your customers can give you valuable feedback on the products and services you offer, your marketing channels, internal processes and communication, and much more. These insights will help you prioritize initiatives in your organization to meet your customers’ needs. 

Our clients gave us valuable feedback on current processes and strategies, and offered up great advice for areas to focus on in the future.

Our time together gave us insights in the following areas:

  • Customer Understanding: reviewing and updating our Ideal Client Profile Review and Personas to better match our existing clients
  • Marketing: Discussing what Roadmap’s Unique Value Proposition is, and if our new Go-To-Market shift was in alignment; the impact of our marketing efforts, and understanding what new efforts would be of value.
  • Operations: Clarification on client communication needs and reporting on completed projects  

We were happy to hear that we were doing a lot of things right! A common theme was that our team of experts was a big part that made us really stand out. When asked what makes Roadmap unique, some of the answers were: our people, our culture, our partnership with clients, our total organizational focus and expertise, and our drive to create accountability toward co-created goals with clients. 

In the marketing and operations review we got some valuable take-aways on how to improve our strategies and processes. Some important notes include:

  • We need to update our Ideal Client Profile and Personas to reflect new insights into who our customers are, in areas like size of business and the gender of business leaders.
  • In general, our social content is well received, but videos could be shorter and our president Steve gets a little wordy at times!
  • We should rename our webinars (as many people are getting sick of webinars), talk about concise and granular topics, and consider new formats like a “Lunch and Learn” or discussion panel.
  • The customer council agreed we are an entire Go-To-Market function provider, although we have not, until recently, positioned ourselves this way.
  • Our marketing will be updated to include suggestions like a weekly thought leadership newsletter, mid-month Roadmap update email, and the possibility of a podcast.
  • Operationally, our clients like our meetings but not so much filling out surveys. 

At the end of the day, the most important part of a customer council is listening to what your customers have to say, and then being accountable to them to implement their feedback. We are making action items and a plan to implement changes based on what we heard. 

If you want to learn more about conducting your own customer council, read this blog post or contact us today to get started.

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