August 31, 2020 | Written by Shannon Hewlko

Behind the Scenes of the 2020 Hewlko Photoshoot

Learn more about updating marketing materials regularly and to keeping things fresh.

It's important to update marketing materials regularly and to keep things fresh we do a photo/video shoot at least once per year. We aim to produce content that is meaningful, useful and helps clients to familiarize themselves with the core team they will be working with. Tori joining in a client-facing role means she should be reflected on the website and marketing materials as well.

We enjoy creating content because it gives us the opportunity to collaborate with different people and this year we thought it would be fun to give you an inside look at the team it takes to make a video and photo shoot run smoothly.

Britta Kokemor, Photographer & Editor

We have used Britta for previous client shoots and always love the work she produces (stay tuned for updates to Kokemor Studio as we recently designed a new logo for her)! Britta was responsible for the light set up and capturing the vision we wanted based on our supplied moodboards. She then retouched and resized images to have them ready for use in marketing materials.

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Julie Roth, Stylist

Julie met with us to review the pieces in our wardrobe and pulled any additional items needed to round out the looks. During the shoot, she made sure our outfits were all in place, making post production a lot more efficient. Julie brings a warm and positive presence to any shoot, making the models (us!) feel comfortable and confident.

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Karen Malcolm, Makeup Artist

This was our first time working with Karen and we will definitely be using her again! She was very professional, listened to our wants, and kept our looks clean, while highlighting our natural features. She has an impressive portfolio, doing work with celebrities like Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and Shawn Mendes!

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Ryan Armstrong & Ali Abushama, Videographers

We worked with Ryan last year and were excited to work with him again! This year he brought Ali to capture a second angle, this can help smooth out sections by transitioning to another angle in post production. Ryan works stealthily, offers great direction and gets the best shots. It was important for us to capture video in order to show clients how working with a well-rounded team can level up your marketing materials.

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The Photos

The Video

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