June 24, 2021 | Written by Sarah Kordyban

How to Use Instagram Insights to Gain Leads

Have you wondered if your efforts on Instagram are gaining traction? Instagram Insights is a free native tool that proves your efforts are creating an impact with your audience.  

Instagram Insights shows data about your followers, and managing these insights helps you improve your content and optimize future posts to drive leads. To fully access Insights, users need a business account. If you are using Instagram to draw attention to an offer, we recommend using a business account.

Below are our recommended top four insights to manage for gaining traction and ultimately leads from Instagram: 

1. Most Active Times  

How to find it: Insights -> Your Audience -> Scroll to Most Active Times  

You want to post content when your followers are online and can engage with it. As accounts engage with your piece of content, Instagram recognizes your post as valuable for other accounts and will continue to promote it. Therefore, to initially boost your content post at a time when most of your followers will see your content.  

A secondary benefit is knowing when your followers are active can help paint a picture of what your target market is doing throughout the day. Are they active around lunchtime and the evenings? Or throughout the day? Why is that?  

Tip: Many new Instagram account managers don’t know that timing typically is based on Pacific time. So, for those in other time zones, checking your insights may require some quick maths to determine optimal posting times.


2. Account Reach  

How to find it: Insights -> Accounts reached  

How many accounts have you reached on each day of the week? How many link clicks?

This insight will show you if your content is reaching new audiences or if your content is just being shown to existing followers. If your intention is to build brand awareness, more emphasis will need to be put on hashtagging strategies and other attention-grabbing content that proves your value. On the other hand, if your team is hoping to drive traffic to your website the number of link clicks will tell you if you are providing a compelling call to action, or if your message needs some finetuning.


3. Target Audience  

How to find it: Insights -> Your Audience  

We can see the age range and gender of the followers of our account. It is important to consider if these account metrics match the persona you identified in your strategy. (If you haven’t built out your personas yet – we can help!) It is a good sign when your Instagram insights match your ideal target market. This means you are speaking to the people you are most likely to convert to leads and attracting the right accounts to your page.  


4. Top Posts  

How to find it: Insights -> Your Audience -> Hit see all (it will show you all posts for the year)

This insight can also be checked on a post-by-post basis by hitting "view insights" under each post.

You can determine what types of content are resonating with your audience and what your team should focus on for new posts. 


Pulling it all together and developing your Instagram Strategy  

Managing an Instagram page that converts leads can be a multi-step process that can require an integrated digital experience. For sure, leads can convert from a single post, but often, it takes several touches in a customer journey to convert a prospect into a customer. If your team finds it difficult to maintain a schedule of posting relevant quality content for your audience and running your day-to-day business, it may be time to outsource. We are always happy to help! 



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