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Roadmap is a marketing agency and consultancy that helps small to medium businesses grow.

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Who We Are

We are a collective of passionate entrepreneurs and professionals working to bring transformative results to great businesses. We create solutions with measurable outcomes for small and medium sized businesses so they can achieve scalable growth. We do this with our combined capabilities that include marketing, sales, and customer experience services that are supported by technology for measurable results.

What We Believe

We Exist to discover potential and inspire responsible, conscientious business. 

We Promise to always ask why, to drive meaningful transformations, and to achieve results.

Our Core Values

  1. Strategy first
  2. Always improving
  3. Accountable
  4. Doing what's right

What We Provide to You

Ongoing Development
When you start you will be onboarded to learn all things Roadmap. This will take a while, so we provide you with a supported start that allows you to settle in and then rise to your potential. We believe in continual learning, providing an annual education allowance of $1000 for industry knowledge. We engage in quarterly team education sessions so that we can all continue to learn and improve together.

We share all our targets and numbers and believe in radical candour. We want everyone to learn how to run a successful agency so we all have a clear line of sight as to what we need to do to grow together.

Competitive Opportunity
We benchmark our compensation with annual industry surveys to ensure everyone is compensated fairly. Our benefits package is 100% funded. We match RRSP funding up to $3000/year. We also believe in paying our people for introducing us to others, up to $500 per referral. 

You give we give
We started this organization to help small to medium businesses and to make an impact in our communities. We recognize our teams have networks and meaningful causes they support. We will match up to $250 per year for charitable causes that you contribute to.

Family and Balance
We are a small company which allows us to form close relationships with each other. We genuinely care about the wellbeing of our team members, and believe in balance, flex time and remote work. In a full time position with us you are expected to log 37.5 hours in a week. Not 50 or 60. Yes we have scheduled team and client meetings that you are expected to join into, but family and living life is a priority in our world, and we want to build an opportunity for all to enjoy it. So if you join our team you will not need to wait a year to earn vacation or build up seniority to get the time you deserve to enjoy life. We will co-create what works for both.

Are we the type of company you think you would like to become part of?

We are growing, and while we may not have a current opening that fits your skillset, send us your resume!  Our paths might align in the future.

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