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July 2023 Round-Up: Mapping Your Customer Journey To Create Exceptional Brand Experiences

This Round Up is all about mapping the customer journey to create exceptional brand experiences.

Mapping Your Customer Journey To Create

Exceptional Brand Experiences


Have you ever clicked on an Instagram ad, only to be taken to a website with irrelevant content? Or made a purchase online and barely had time to use your new product before getting sent a survey asking for a product review?

These instances are the result of customer journey mapping that didn’t dive deep into the details resulting in a less-than-ideal customer experience. Sometimes, it’s the first interaction we have with the brand, and it certainly doesn’t leave the right impression.

 Customer journey mapping is one of the initial steps we take in creating sales and marketing plans. It helps us understand our customer’s needs, pain points, and opportunities for improvement. Most importantly, it ensures we create a fully branded experience - just as we intended. Each step in the journey is an opportunity for your brand to make a special connection with what we hope turns into a loyal customer.

Below we cover 5 key reasons how the customer journey can help you garner a loyal audience base and retain the customers you work so hard to attract.

  1. Understanding the Pathways: Mapping your customer journey provides invaluable insights into the various touchpoints and interactions customers have with your brand. By visualizing their entire experience from initial discovery to post-purchase advocacy, you gain a comprehensive understanding of their needs, pain points, opportunities for improvement and the sales and marketing tools you need to make each touchpoint a special one.
  2. Tailoring Experiences: With a well-defined customer journey map, you can craft personalized experiences at each stage, ensuring your customers feel heard, valued, and understood. This tailored approach fosters deeper connections, loyalty, and ultimately, converts satisfied customers into brand advocates.
  3. Identifying Pain Points: Customer journey mapping allows you to identify bottlenecks, friction points, or gaps in the customer experience. By pinpointing these pain points, you can proactively address and resolve them, minimizing customer frustration and maximizing satisfaction.
  4. Enhancing Communication: By visualizing the customer journey, you gain clarity on the various channels and touchpoints where communication occurs. This insight enables you to align your messaging, tone, and brand voice consistently, ensuring a cohesive and engaging experience across all platforms. Clear and effective communication becomes the catalyst for building trust and credibility.
  5. Continual Improvement: Mapping the customer journey is not a one-time exercise; it's an ongoing process. Regularly revisiting and refining your customer journey map allows you to adapt to evolving customer expectations, industry trends, and emerging technologies. It empowers you to stay agile, innovate, and continuously improve your brand experience.

By mapping your customer journey, you unlock the potential to deliver exceptional experiences and reach the full potential of your brand opportunities to build meaningful relationships with your target audience set.


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CLS Landscape | Day in the Life with Cooper Leary

At the end of June, we got to head out for the day with one of our clients and capture what a day in the life looks like of Cooper Leary with CLS Landscape. We toured two of their supply yards, visited landscape construction sites and got to see how they work with various contractors, divisions and teams. 

Could this 10min video be the start of a Landscape reality TV show? We'd love to dive into a project like that ;) Special thanks to our videographer/photographer, Eli Clark.

Watch the video

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