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We create online storefronts that drive traffic, convert leads and create a loyal customer base.

An e-commerce website is a necessity for businesses to reach today’s digital-first consumer. In 2020, 80% of Canadians shopped online and retail e-commerce sales reached $75 billion, up almost $10 million from the previous year (Canada Post). And those numbers are only going to increase.

By the year 2040, it’s estimated that 95% of purchases will be through e-commerce (NASDAQ). But did you know that over a third of small businesses don’t even have a website? There is market share to grab, and if you don’t have an e-commerce website or strategy currently, now is the time to start.

There are many e-commerce platforms that promote themselves as being simple to use and set up. But creating a website and waiting for the sales to roll in is simply not enough. In 2021, the conversion rate for e-commerce reached an all-time high at 1.94% (irpcommerce.com). But what many businesses don’t always understand are all the aspects and strategies required for building an e-commerce store that can convert 1.94% of user traffic.

And that’s where we can help.

Trust Roadmap to Lead Your E-Commerce Journey

Our team has more than 30 combined years of experience in e-commerce strategy, website design and customer experience journeys. As official partners with both Shopify and Hubspot, we offer solutions to help streamline your business processes for both your team and your customers.

We always start our e-commerce projects with an in-depth discovery session where we learn everything there is to know about your products. Where we differ from others is that we also spend an equal amount of time understanding your business. What are your company goals and timelines? What are the current challenges you are facing? What are any future challenges or opportunities?

By understanding your business, we can offer different e-commerce options depending on your unique needs and goals, such as:

  • Shopify Online Store Set Up
  • Custom Shopify Development
  • WooCommerce custom store development
  • Plus: E-commerce Strategy, digital demand generation, and marketing plans to drive traffic to your new website

Shopify Online Store Set Up

For small business owners looking to create an e-commerce website, we help to get your business online with the basics and create a store that is available to the world 24/7. Our team works alongside your business to understand what you hope to accomplish, and we help you consider several processes such as taxes, refunds and shipping, to make sure there are no errors down the line and so customers have a smooth experience on your website.

Custom Shopify Development

With larger businesses, we can create a custom design focused on optimized marketing of your products and full integration with existing internal systems such as shipping and accounting. Our team of experts can conduct an audit of your existing website to identify a seamless customer experience. We will work with your team on optimized sales tactics such as reducing abandoned carts or leveraging customer reviews.

WooCommerce Custom Store Development

WooCommerce allows businesses to add e-commerce capabilities to an existing WordPress website. We can also help clients who have outgrown their basic WooCommerce implementation and create a customized e-commerce experience for their customers. To maintain unique customer journeys, we are able to tie a business' online store into third party systems like HubSpot.

E-commerce Strategy

Building a website is only one piece of your e-commerce strategy: you need tactics to get visitors to your website to view your products and ways to convert them into customers. We don’t want to simply build our clients a website – we want to create an integrated e-commerce strategy for them and put them on the path to success. We create marketing plans for our clients with measurable outcomes, and we offer a suite of inbound digital marketing services to amplify your online presence and reach. Our services include:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Reputation Management
  • Digital advertising strategy and management
  • And more!

We use them for web design, print design, social media content, and app development. They are always there when I need them, they provide a high level of service, give me all the details and are timely - I highly recommend them!

Jack Maendel
CEO, EcoPoxy

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Our Process Sets Us Apart

We guide you through each aspect of the website build to produce the best e-commerce website for your budget. There are various areas to consider when building your e-commerce site if you want to ensure its success. 

1.     Product Discovery

2.     Customer Experience

3.     Website Design

4.     Website Development

5.     Team Training

6.     Launch

7.     Listening and Measuring

Product Discovery

You know better than anyone the products you’re selling – but it’s always important to explain to customers not just the “what” of the product but the “why.” In our discovery sessions we uncover more detail about your product features, your unique value proposition, and how you currently reach your market. We look at what problems your products solve and who the target audience is. It’s also equally important to understand the business goals of your company and how all the departments work together towards e-commerce sales, such as inventory, shipping and accounting.

Customer Experience

Understanding your customer and the journey they take to purchase will help us build an intuitive design and structure for your website. We create wireframes to determine content placement and mimic a user’s flow through the site. We work with you to refine this not only for the initial website build but also after launch once we see your customer traffic flowing through the site. Understanding your customers also helps us tie together all of your business systems for a seamless experience. We can work with you to integrate your inventory management system to the e-commerce platform so customers know what’s in stock, or create processes for post-purchase, like automated shipping updates.

Website Design

Once we understand your products and business systems, we look at the best ways to replicate the product details online in a way that makes sense to your customers. You may be able to use a Shopify theme, or we may need to create a custom design that reflects your brand. Plus, this understanding will help us understand your content needs, such as videos showing the products in use, photos of features, technical specifications, or 3D renderings. We work with our clients on sourcing professional photography for their products, and we can also provide services such as content creation and copywriting.

Website Development

Working alongside your team, we will map out the features of your website, focusing on what makes things easiest for the customer. We can also look at optimization opportunities to maximize your sales, like bundling options, suggested  products or bulk discounts.

You need a website solution now that fits your current needs, and you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a problem that isn’t there. But, it is important to think long-term about how you can scale your business and website when the time comes. We want to set you up on an e-commerce platform that allows you to grow and create a future roadmap to ensure you have the basic infrastructure to get there.

Team Training

Once your website is up and running, your work doesn’t stop. There will always be updates like new photos, adding new products or price updates. We create a training plan for your team members responsible for the different areas of your website (marketing, shipping, customer service), to set them up for success and to make sure they are confident in what they do. We make sure your team members have training on the e-commerce platform to both understand how it works now, and any updates or new features the platform rolls out.


When you launch your new e-commerce website, you need a strategy to get customers to visit it. Our in-house talent specializes in social media and marketing strategies that will give your business the competitive edge it needs to stand out. We can empower your business to improve your Google search ranking, we can set up social media ads, or show you how to take advantage of cross-selling and repeat purchases. Unlike other agencies, we specialize in conversions and use this metric to guide new businesses and established brands. 

Listening and Measuring

As your website traffic and online sales increase, it’s very important that you continuously listen to your customers and measure all the data about them that you can. To give you insights into your customer’s behaviour, we implement Google Analytics on your website and any additional third-party tracking tools you choose. In addition, we provide coaching to assist your team in using the new platform and help you set up conversion goals so you can continue exceeding your benchmarks. Let your customers and their behaviour guide the next development features of your site.

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